Ron Nierenberg

Publications & Presentations

R. Nierenberg, A. Becker, L. Olszewski, Ensemble Wind, and G. Hagerman, Virginia Tech Advanced Research, Review of Data from the PNNL Offshore LIDAR Buoy Near Virginia Beach, VA, Presented at AWEA Offshore Windpower event in Warwick, RI., October 25-26, 2016.

D. Eliott, M. Schwarts and R. Nierenberg, Wind Resource Mapping of the State of Vermont, Presented at Windpower '99 in Burlington, VT., June, 1999. Printed as NREL-CP-500-27507, NREL, November, 1999.

R. Nierenberg, J.C. Labraga and O.A. Frumento, Wind Resource Mapping of Patagonia, Argentina, American Wind Energy Association, June, 1999.

R. Nierenberg, Detailed Measurements on the Effects of Trees on Wind Speed, Energy, Vertical Shear and Turbulence, Presented at Windpower '93 in San Francisco, CA, July 15, 1993.

R. Nierenberg, Wake Deficit Measurements on the Jess and Souza Ranches, Altamont Pass, U.S. Department of Energy/SERI, April, 1990.

R. Nierenberg, Free-Flow Variability on the Jess and Souza Ranches, Altamont Pass, U.S. Department of Energy/SERI, March, 1989.

R. Nierenberg, Macro-Scale Wake Effects, American Wind Energy Association, September, 1989. Portions of this paper appeared in Wind Power Monthly, Independent Energy, WindStats Newsletter and European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, July, 1989.

R. Nierenberg, An Innovative Wind Measurement Program Using Fixed, Mobile and Kite Anemometers, American Wind Energy Association, October, 1983.

Davis, E. and R. Nierenberg, Wind Energy Prospecting in Alameda and Solano Counties, California Energy Commission, May, 1980.