Ron Nierenberg

Other Interests: Trains

Outside of the field, Ron's other accomplishments include having built one of the largest operating high rail, 0 scale toy train layouts in the Pacific Northwest, with 2 operating windfarms. The layout contains detailed scenery from ancient and modern Israel, as well as the Pacific Northwest.

Ron works as a volunteer docent at the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation on a weekly basis. The Museum houses three steam locomotives, including the famous Southern Pacific #4449 which pulled the American Freedom Train during the U.S. Bicentenial.

Before volunteering at the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation, Ron served as a Trustee for five years on the Board for the Clark County Historical Society. During his tenure there he helped with the design and fundraising to build two new permanant SP&S Railway Exhibits at both the Museum and the Vancouver, WA Amtrak Depot.

Ron Nierenberg's Model Train Room Summer 2004, Carpentry and track done, but no scenery.
Ron Nierenberg's Model Train Room Summer 2013, Scenery near completion.
Ron Nierenberg's Model Train Room: Templt Detail The Second Temple or Herod's Temple in ancient Jerusalem, 100 BCE.

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